About Black

I’m biased of course, but I really do believe that the seat of Black is the most beautiful of the Adelaide metropolitan seats.

Black is a series of individual coastal and inland villages, each with its own distinct character, strong sense of community and specific needs. The electorate is divided in two, with a steep escarpment forming a topographical divide between the plains and the plateau.

South of the escarpment we find Hallett Cove, our largest suburb, accounting for almost half of the electorate. Hallett Cove is lauded for its unique geological park, which draws tourists from across the world and school children from every corner of Adelaide. Locals love Hallett Cove’s open space, its precious conservation park, sheep paddocks, Field River Valley and community parks around every corner.

Moving north, we have Marino and Seacliff Park scrambling across the coastal hillside, and Kingston Park, one of Adelaide’s smallest suburbs, nestled in the cove by the beach. Here you will find the Tjilbruke monument and lookout commemorating one of Adelaide’s most touching dreamtime stories. Across the road is Kingston House, built in 1840 by George Strickland Kingston, deputy surveyor-general to Colonel William Light. The house, which I can recommend for its excellent Sunday afternoon Devonshire teas, was also home to George’s son Charles, who from 1893 to 1901 was a great reformist premier of South Australia.

Leaving Kingston Park and the rugged southern coastline behind, we move east toward the hills. Seacliff, Seaview Downs, Seacombe Heights and Darlington form a series of attractive hillside suburbs, each with a strong sense of community, an environmental bent.

We then leave Darlington to head south to O'Halloran Hill and across to the west it covers the beautiful Trott Park and Sheidow Park. New areas that form the most southern part of my electorate and what will neighbour the soon to be boundary for Glenthorne National Park

In all my time in Australia I have only lived in Black, and at this point in my life I cannot imagine wanting to live anywhere else – it is truly a great place to call home.