Brighton and Hallett Cove Rotary Clubs

28 October 2014

I rise today to pay tribute to the good works of the two Rotary clubs within my electorate: the Rotary Club of Brighton and the Rotary Club of Hallett Cove.

Mr SPEIRS ( Bright ) ( 15:58:48 ):  I rise today to pay tribute to the good works of the two Rotary clubs within my electorate: the Rotary Club of Brighton and the Rotary Club of Hallett Cove. I have had the opportunity to interact with both of these clubs in the past week and, in doing so, I am prompted to acknowledge the great value they bring to my community. Last Monday, 20 October, I had the privilege of being the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Brighton, and on Tuesday I welcomed the Rotary Club of Hallett Cove to a tour of Parliament House.

The Rotary Club of Hallett Cove (previously the Rotary club of Kingston Park) was chartered in 1982. The club is well known and very active in the southern suburbs, meeting weekly at 6.30pm in the House of Jade Chinese restaurant at Sheidow Park—a venue which is actually in the member for Mitchell's electorate. In 2014, the Rotary Club of Hallett Cove is being ably led by Grant Sibly, supported by past president Margaret Vade who is now secretary, and John Myers who is treasurer. This year club directors include:

Irene Healey, president-elect and director of community service;

Jeanette Hodgson, director of club service;

David Roberts, program director and youth service;

Shirley Skurray, international director;

Kerry Sutton, vocational service; and

Rima Haddad and Kerry Sutton, looking after fellowship activities.

It was a pleasure to attend this club's changeover dinner earlier this year and see Irene Healey, David Roberts and Josie Lee all receive Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire Pins for their dedication to the club's service. These office bearers and the other club members diligently serve our community, raising funds for both local and international projects and using their contacts to identify projects to support. Their regular fundraising events include their sausage sizzles at Harvey Norman and their much anticipated quiz night. I am pleased to say that my table is a past winner of that event.

The club is involved in a range of international and local projects: contributing towards Rotary's mission to eradicate polio; working to support children who need to come to Australia from overseas for medical treatment; supporting local students to attend a range of leadership programs; and supporting safe driving among young people by coordinating Rotary's driver education program for Hallett Cove R-12 school students.

A highlight of the club's year is their partnership with the Lions Club to put on the must attend foreshore Australia Day Breakfast at Hallett Cove beach. In 2013 I had the pleasure of working with the club to take over the Nannigai Tennis Club shed on Nannigai Drive, Hallett Cove. I hope that this will give the club a stake in the ground in the local community and be a launch pad to additional community outreach activities in the future.

The Rotary Club of Brighton meets on Mondays at 6.30pm at Club Marion, which is also in the member for Mitchell's electorate. Brighton Rotary is led this year by president Meredith Beaston, assisted by immediate past president Elizabeth Garrigan, vice-president Carole Walker, and secretary Alison Rogers, who I was able to see receive a Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire Pin at the recent changeover dinner. I should take this opportunity to also mention longstanding Scottish members, Alan Lawrie and Marjory his wife, who are also fantastic members.

Like their Hallett Cove counterparts, the Brighton club is incredibly active, and in the past year internationally they have provided financial support for an overseas school and hospital to help provide clean drinking water and for the funding and assembling of prosthetic hands. At a local level the club is also very active, providing mentorship to Brighton Secondary School students during Australian Business Week, and supporting students to attend the National Youth Science Forum.

They have provided support for the local LifeLinks program, a body focused on providing support for people of high social needs with social barbecues. They provide a barbecue for the Mother's Day Classic and have an ongoing role in supporting the Brighton Meals on Wheels, with many members involved in both the kitchen and meal delivery. Meal preparation is also provided for those enjoying Cara camps for the disabled. These activities are supported through regular barbecue fundraisers and through the club's popular garage sale held on the third Saturday of each month at the club's shed at the rear of Brighton Oval.

The 2014-15 Rotary year began with Rotary International president Gary Huang challenging Rotarians to light up Rotary and to let their light shine by strengthening their networks, fellowship and service impact. I congratulate the Rotary Clubs of Hallett Cove and Brighton for what they do in our community and encourage them to continue to light up our communities with their personal warmth, spirit and generosity that they have shown to me and our wider community.

Extracted from Hansard