Brighton Sporting Precinct

12 May 2015

Extract from my speech on the 2015 Supply Bill.

Mr SPEIRS ( Bright ) ( 12:26 ): The final issue I want to discuss briefly concerns the Brighton sporting precinct. I am reminded that it is now a year since the government revealed its decision not to honour Chloe Fox's thought bubble, which she translated into a written election promise to provide $1 million to the Brighton rugby club to kickstart the redevelopment of the Brighton sporting club precinct. I am surprised by how regularly this broken promise is raised with me in the electorate: on the doorstep, in the local media and community services, and at sporting club events.

I visited the precinct last week and continue to believe that its condition is amongst the worst that I have seen in the southern suburbs. The sporting precinct is home to rugby, football, lacrosse, cricket and croquet clubs, with rugby, football, lacrosse and cricket all requiring significant improvement works. I would implore the government to work alongside the City of Holdfast Bay and these clubs and fulfil that broken election promise given to the clubs in writing in the final days of the 2014 election campaign.

Extracted from Hansard