Dump the Dump

13 April 2017

Press release

Press release

The Conservation Council of South Australia has today presented the Liberal Party with a petition signed by 35,000 people opposed to Jay Weatherill’s reckless plan for a high-level nuclear waste dump in South Australia.

“I have been consulting with people since this idea was first mooted and the overwhelming majority of South Australians are against the idea of our state becoming a dumping ground for the world’s nuclear waste, said Shadow Environment Minister David Speirs.

“It doesn’t surprise me that tens of thousands of South Australians have voiced their concerns by signing a petition and it’s absolute folly for the State Labor Government to continue pursuing this idea given they have completely failed to secure any sort of broad public support.

“The decision of the citizen’s jury to reject the dump by a majority of two-thirds to one-third is mirrored in my own consultation and the results of this petition, and I believe this to be an accurate reflection of the general views held by South Australians.

The State Liberal Party believe that the case for South Australia taking the world’s high-level nuclear waste just doesn’t stack up.

“According to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report, high-level nuclear waste requires isolation from the environment for many hundreds of thousands of years, Mr Speirs said.

“In addition to the environmental risks, the economic case for taking the world’s high-level waste is far from certain, requiring substantial up-front expenditure without a guaranteed return. Meanwhile, our invaluable ‘clean green brand’ will be tainted, leaving a terrible legacy for future generations.

“Rest assured, a Marshall Liberal Government will not support the building of an international waste dump in South Australia and we have today launched our own petition to place further pressure on the State Labor Government to dump this idea once and for all.

Sign the online petition to ‘Dump SA's Nuclear Waste Dump’ at: www.dumpthedump.com.au