Going grassroots: a conversation about NRM

13 April 2017

Press release

Press release

The Liberal Party has launched a statewide consultation on the future of natural resource management in South Australia as a key step towards developing their approach to this important policy area.

Shadow Environment Minister David Speirs today launched an online survey aimed at gauging community satisfaction with the state’s eight Natural Resource Management Boards with topics including regional boundaries, board membership and the methods used to raise levies being consulted on.

“Natural resource management is a contentious issue in South Australia and, since I became Shadow Minister for the Environment, I have received a huge amount of feedback that people are dissatisfied with the State Labor Government’s approach to managing our unique environment,” said Mr Speirs.

“While the reforms introduced in 2004 may have started with the best of intentions, it seems that all too often bureaucracy has overrun the system, distancing Natural Resource Management from the environments it aims to nurture and preserve,” said Mr Speirs.

“Our survey aims to gauge satisfaction with the way Natural Resource Management is undertaken in South Australia and to identify key areas for reform.”

“Everything is on the table when it comes to Natural Resource Management. If elected to government in 2018, I am committed to being a reformist minister who will put stewardship of our environment before ideology and bureaucracy,” said Mr Speirs.

As well as an an online survey, Natural Resource Management will also become a key discussion point on visits to country South Australia, with Liberal Leader Steven Marshall and Mr Speirs committed to a program of visits to rural and regional South Australia as part of the Liberal Party’s Regions Matter tour.

The survey can be completed online by visiting: http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/nrmsurvey