Minda Develoment

12 May 2015

Extract from my speech on the 2015 Supply Bill.

Mr SPEIRS ( Bright ) ( 12:26 ): Another issue I would like to briefly discuss now is the proposed development of multistorey buildings on the secondary dunes at Minda Incorporated's site at North Brighton. This is an issue which has caused much consternation in the community, as concerns have been raised about environmental damage and lack of appropriate infrastructure to support a series of high-rise towers, with over 600 potential apartments, which are effectively accessed by a network of small and already congested side streets leading from Brighton Road towards the sea.

I am not opposed to development on the Minda site per se. I admire and support the work that Minda puts into the community and the efforts of its chief executive, Cathy Miller, and its board to give the organisation a financially sustainable future. However, I am concerned about the size and scale of the proposed development and the inappropriateness of the current suburban infrastructure, which I believe will be unable to deal with an influx of new residents and their vehicles at a level which this development will allow.

I am also concerned that the development plan amendment for this site seeks to categorise future development as category 1, so that building approval is not subject to notification of neighbouring properties. I am very concerned that such significant development will go ahead without appropriate notification and the community feels cheated out of the opportunity to have their say on the design, bulk and scale of future development. I have appreciated having the opportunity to sit down and talk about this issue with the Deputy Premier in his capacity as Minister for Planning and I hope that a pragmatic compromise can be reached with regard to this potential development.

Extracted from Hansard