Minister’s silence on the nose

08 May 2017

Press release

Press release

The State Liberals are demanding Environment Minister Ian Hunter explain why yet another suburban beach was forced to close as a result of SA Water discharging undisinfected wastewater into Gulf St Vincent.

“This isn't the first time that SA Water has been involved in major environmental incidents that have resulted in the discharge of untreated sewage into the gulf,” said Shadow Minister for the Environment David Speirs.

“Several years ago Hallett Cove suffered multiple discharges resulting in significant environmental damage yet Minister Hunter is refusing to comment on the latest incident.

“The incident is yet another example of the Weatherill Government's woeful standard of ministerial accountability.

“The Minister has declined to make any public comment on the fact that under his watch we have had to cordon off a popular metropolitan beach.

“It is totally unacceptable for Minister Hunter to fail to address the causes of this environmental damage.

“Ian Hunter does not seem to realise that South Australians expect a much better level of protection for our beautiful suburban beaches.

“Minister Hunter must detail what he is doing to prevent future incidents and take responsibility for ensuring this does not happen again.  

“Whether its burst water mains, a lack of disclosure around groundwater contamination or wastewater being discharged into our oceans, Minister Hunter's lack of care, characterised by his refusal to engage with affected parties, is shocking.

“It beggars belief that in 2017, when modern technologies and infrastructure solutions are well advanced, these discharges occur in the first place and why they happen so close to shore when surely prudent management would direct them further out to sea.”