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Annual report - A year in Bright

It is one year since I was elected as the Member for Bright and it has been a busy and enjoyable year. Being a Member of Parliament is an incredibly diverse job, with unique challenges, uplifting rewards and the ability to drive real change.

1,000 doors

The best way to do this job is to front up on doorsteps and talk to people, listening to what they believe are the priorities for our community and using what I find out to shape my work. With this in mind, during the month of March, I will be making a concerted effort to communicate face to face with hundreds of local residents.

Youth and volunteer training grants available

I would like to bring to your attention two grants that are currently available. Please read the information below and in the relevant documents and, if I can be of any assistance with your applications including through writing a letter of support, please contact my office on 8296 9833.

Grants for Seniors Programs 2015

The Office for the Ageing is now receiving applications for the Grants for Seniors program 2015. The aim of Grants for Seniors program funding is to increase options for older people to participate in group and/or community activities and to bring the community together to create an ‘all-ages friendly state.’

Train horn noise pollution

The most common issue to be raised with me since my election has been the sound of the horn on the electric trains.

Bushfires - How can you help?

Since the bushfire crisis began to unfold, many local residents have been calling into my office to drop off generous donations for bushfire victims. I am amazed and humbled by how South Australians pull together in a crisis and go above and beyond to help out those in need.

Stop the train horn noise pollution

The sound of the electric train horns remains the single most complained about issue since I was elected to represent Bright. The problem is significant and is driving people crazy from Marino to Hove (the suburbs in my electorate which have pedestrian or vehicle crossings).  I have met with Transport Department officials and written to the minister on numerous occasions about this matter and I have had some progress, but as many would know it is still not completely resolved.

Bright Christmas Appeal 2014

As your local Member of Parliament, I have a unique and special position which lets me see many of our community’s needs. I am also privileged to have the resources to coordinate a campaign to raise awareness and help relieve these needs. As part of this, I’m launching the Bright Christmas Appeal.

Brighton Town Hall - Festival of Possibilities

For a couple months now, a group of committed and enthusiastic locals have being working hard to see Brighton's Original Town Hall rejuvenated and become a focal point for our community.

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