In Parliament

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When I am in Parliament I ensure that I am a vocal advocate for the interests of my electorate, regularly participating in parliamentary debates on legislation and raising matters of particular interest to the communities I represent. I also make an effort to use my time in Parliament to recognise the work of local volunteer and community groups, individuals and businesses who are doing great things for South Australia.

I recently moved a motion condemning the State Labor Government for their poor managment of Brighton Road, calling on them to address this pressing local issue. Later in the year I have scheduled a motion congratulating Surf Life Saving South Australia for the great service that it provides.

I serve on the Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee and have taken a lead role in driving an inquiry into capping council rates, while I have also recently served on a select committee into the e-cigarette industry in South Australia.

I am also the Liberal Party’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary, which gives me a role in organising and attending Shadow Cabinet meetings as well as some policy coordination activities.

This week in Parliament: recognising sporting achievements and supporting a cap on council rates

This week in Parliament I had the opportunity to put on the public record a few sporting achievements of clubs within my community and also to speak about an inquiry into local government rate capping that was undertaken by the Economic and Finance Committee of South Australia's parliament. 

Speech: Rate Capping Inquiry

Speech: Bright Electorate Clubs

This week in Parliament: my views on the state budget

This month the State Labor Government handed down their 2016-17 budget and this past week in Parliament I was able to express my views on South Australia's budgetary environment.

Speech: Budget Reply Speech

This week in Parliament: Brighton Road motion, Retirement Villages legislation and more

This week in Parliament I moved a motion condemning the government’s poor management of Brighton Road. I also added my voice to legislative changes and brought important issues to our parliament’s attention.  

Speech: Brighton Road Motion

Speech: Local Government (Rate Increases) Amendment Bill

Speech: Economic and Finance Committee: Annual Report 2014-15

Speech: Expiation Notices