Seacliff Recreation Centre

02 December 2015

Mr SPEIRS ( Bright ) ( 15:36 ): Today I want to take the opportunity to put on the public record some information about a very vibrant community organisation in the heart of my electorate, and that is the Seacliff Recreation Centre in the heart of Seacliff.

I had the opportunity on Friday 27 November to go along to the Seacliff Recreation Centre's annual general meeting and to be able to take Nicolle Flint, the new Liberal candidate for the seat of Boothby, along with me.  It was excellent to have her along and to show her this great community organisation as well.

Deputy Speaker, I know that you will be very interested in this, and I have been waiting for two years to talk to you about this in particular, because the Seacliff Recreation Centre is made up of five sporting organisations: martial arts, KinderGym, Judo, gymnastics and calisthenics, your favourite. Also, the local Seacliff Neighbourhood Watch meets there, YogaWorks and the Adelaide All Star cheerleaders. Led by the incredibly able Beverley Manns, the organisation has been going from strength to strength in recent years, building on its heritage as a popular community venue, which has grown from a small tin shed on the site to a vibrant community hub.

I noted during the AGM (and this is probably my Scottish nature coming out; I always like to turn to the profit and loss statement) that the club is exceptionally well managed financially with Ute Jeffries, the treasurer, ably managing that organisation's finances, and it is in a very healthy state. I was also pleased to hear that, during the past year, local artists Ricky Spier and Matt Dopheide have completed a mural on the western side of the facility, which is adjacent the Seaford railway line and which is often targeted by graffiti vandals. It was great to hear that, since that mural has gone on there, no graffiti tags have been placed on that side of the building, and so it is not only brightening the place up but having a crime prevention feature as well.

It was good to see that Clare Moase was given life membership of the Seacliff Recreation Centre for her long-term contribution to the organisation and particularly to the KinderGym there. But in particular today, I want to take the opportunity just to congratulate someone who has been working, volunteering and contributing to the Seacliff Recreation Centre (previously known as the Seacliff Youth Centre for many years), and that is Mrs Carolyn Daly from Hallett Cove, who joins us in the gallery today with her son Anthony.

It is a privilege for me to be able to congratulate people in our community who go above and beyond in their role as community volunteers, who have become part of an organisation and stayed part of it for many years, contributing actively to making that organisation what it is today. Carolyn first became involved with the Seacliff youth centre, particularly the KinderGym, 18 years ago. Only at the end of last year did she step down after 18 years of loyal service, and her son Anthony continues today as the publicity officer of the organisation.

On Friday night, at the annual general meeting it was my privilege to be able to congratulate Carolyn on her many years of service to the KinderGym and the recreation centre and to provide her with a certificate thanking her for that contribution. As Carolyn is here today, I think it is appropriate to put on the public record my thanks to her for her contribution. I know many of the members of the Seacliff Recreation Centre who have been actively involved for many years, both currently and in the past, would echo my sentiments when I congratulate and thank Carolyn.

In closing, I would also like to thank the board of management for all they do for the Seacliff Recreation Centre: the president, Beverley Manns; Ute Jeffries, the treasurer; Melissa Watts, the secretary; vice president, Jason Kari; Anthony Daly, the publicity officer; Megan Simpson, Debby Scheepers, Marilynn Rayner, Brian Richardson and Tayla Jeffries for all they do. It is a fantastic organisation and a very important part of the community I represent. It would not be what it is without the hundreds of volunteer hours that go into that organisation every year.

Extracted from Hansard