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Train horn noise pollution

The most common issue to be raised with me since my election has been the sound of the horn on the electric trains.

Stop the train horn noise pollution

The sound of the electric train horns remains the single most complained about issue since I was elected to represent Bright. The problem is significant and is driving people crazy from Marino to Hove (the suburbs in my electorate which have pedestrian or vehicle crossings).  I have met with Transport Department officials and written to the minister on numerous occasions about this matter and I have had some progress, but as many would know it is still not completely resolved.

Public transport grievance speech

On Thursday 8 May 2014, I took the opportunity to highlight to the House of Assembly the impact of the electrification of the Seaford Line on residents in the Bright electorate. My speech highlighted how both commuters and people living near the railway line have been adversely affected by what should have been a great project for the area.  The text of my speech follows: